Maxime Beck - Art and Nature

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All the drawings...

...are realized with traditional watercolour pencils, dry pastels and ink.
To be as close as possible to Nature, natural elements are added, such as clay soil or chalk (homemade), ochre and limestone powders, charcoal, ash, infusion of fresh plants and spices... Not forgetting rainwater or river water and sometimes morning dew.

3 formats
Format 32/25 cm – 12.59/9.84 in: 220 euros
Format 50/32.5 cm – 19.68/12.59 in: 420 euros
Format 65/50 cm – 25.59/19.68 in: 620 euros

For reasons of safety and shipping costs, the drawings are delivered unframed.
Packing and shipping costs included.
The prices during exhibitions are the same, framing is included for the formats 32/25cm and 50/32.5cm.

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