Maxime Beck - Art and Nature

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Association « Des Oiseaux... et la Nature »

After several years of fascinating studies, of rewarding encounters and concrete actions, this cultural and artistic initiative is now part of a sphere recognized by all the laws and regulations governing society.

It became obvious to us to create an association to formalize an operational framework, to carry on the development of our project and to assert our identity.

This approach where Art and Nature meet in perfect harmony, is accessible to all.

It is not only about watercolor pencils, rainwater, pigments from natural materials and respect of the environment, it is also about considering the sad decline of the birds and all living species, and encourages us to understand them better, to enable us to protect them.

Thanks to the work already done it is possible to say today that this approach, source of new thoughts, is an additional way to exchange in a convivial way the knowledge of everyone.

For us, it is also a question of considering the natural environment of our planet to which we are intimately linked - this environment sometimes forgotten, misunderstood, neglected – and to rehabilitate it at the centre of what is essential for life, the exacerbated human intelligence having separated itself from the sumptuous, grandiose nature that surrounds us and welcomes us.

Maxime Beck

Founder and co-president of the association “des Oiseaux et la Nature”, Maxime began drawing about fifteen years ago to illustrate albums, books and booklets for children.
Today, he dedicates his time to the portraits of wild birds, butterflies or moths "in the most authentic and simplest way" and continues his commitment to the protection of Nature with the initiative
                     “For All the Birds of the World”. 

He is greatly influenced by the works of Luis Agassiz Fuertes, Elizabeth Gould, Paul Barruel and Roger Tory Peterson, to whom he pays homage... not forgetting the admirable work of Ivan Shishkin.
With an incredible “savoir-faire”, these “Masters” worked towards representing nature with great sensitivity and delicacy as they perceived it through their discerning eyes.”


Website development: Pauline Beck
Professionnal photographer: Pauline Beck
Graduated European Bachelor’ degree in Fine Art in Photography - Ecole de Condé, Lyon

Artistic contribution to the realization of the website & photographs : Lola Beck
Art school Itecom Art Design - Paris

Co-president of the association: Isabelle Beck